PH3 Building Extension


  • Alhumdullilah we have started working on Phase 3 which will be extending existing building

  • PH 3 Building Expansion Cost is $850,000

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Any Construction related questions, please reach out to following Brothers:
Faheem Altaf: 512.694.1179 | Kamran Shah: 512.981.8283


PH3 Project TimeLine:

8.02.2021 - Contract signed with MEP Team

9.24.2021 - Elevations. Aerial Diagrams done

12.15.2021 - We reviewed both Site + MEP Plans yesterday with our Engineering team. There are couple of more meetings to finalize the drawings and InshAllah we plan to finish those by Dec 21st.

Next Steps: Submit Plans to City for Approval.

12.27.2021 - Alhumdullilah Plans were submitted to City for Review

1.14.2022 - City share some Comments with Engineer

1.19.2022 - Meeting with City to go over the comments and put a plan in place to address them

1.19.2022 - Met with a Contractor to get estimate on PH3 construction

2.19.2022 - Alhumdullilah our community raised $311,455 during our Annual Fundraiser for Phase 3. Total Cost for Phase 3 will be $850K ( InshAllah )

3.11.2022 - Photometric Sheets being worked on. Should be ready mid next week and Engineer will submit the final reply to City comments by next Friday InshAllah.

3.18.2022 - Reply to Comments ( Revision #2 ) was submitted

4.1.2022 - City asking for Fire Hydrant Pressure Test ( Revision #3 required )

4.6.2022 - Engineer put request in for Fire Hydrant Pressure Test

4.7.2022 - Both Site and MEP Engineer have finalized the comments from ( Revision #2 ) and now waiting on Fire Hydrant Test to happen to submit the comments.

4.29.2022 - City conducted the Fire Hydrant Pressure test and share the results with our Engineers. Next Step is to submit results with Final comments. ( InshAllah )

Elevation Overlay.png