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Itikaaf at Mohammadi Masjid will InshaAllah begin at the end of 20th Ramadan at Maghrib. Arrangements have been made for brothers to participate in the prayer area. All brothers who intend to perform the Sunnah (10 Days) Itikaaf should come to Masjid by 7:00 PM on the first day of Itikaaf to prepare and go over the logistics.

- Itikaf involves secluding one’s self in the masjid seeking Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.

- No Phones, Computer, etc allowed
- Please bring your own sleeping bags, pillows and blankets, as these will not be provided.
- The minimum age for Itikaf participants is 15 years. All participants below 15 years of age have to be accompanied by an adult (guardian). If the guardian has to leave the Masjid for any reason, the under 15 participant must accompany him.
- Everyone is expected to respect other participants, regardless of age and take an extra effort to make the Itikaf a good experience for all.

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