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General policies:

  • Please refrain from speaking loudly and/or using foul language around the premise of ICP

  • Please refrain from criticizing any Khateebs or attendees on ICP premises. 

Announcements and Flyers:

  • Announcement may only be made by board members or those approved by the ICP board.

  • Any flier or hand outs must be approved by the ICP board prior to distribution.

Friday Prayer:

  • The Friday prayer consists of two uninterrupted sermons followed by a prayer. Please refrain from speaking during the sermon or the prayer.

Overnight stay:

  • Overnight stay outside the month of Ramadan is not allowed unless special permission is given from the board.

Books Donation:

  • All book donations need approval by the board before being added to the bookshelves.

Tables and chairs:

  • Tables and chairs for use outside of ICP is available upon request and approval by the board​


Please adhere to all policies and guidelines outlined above during your visit

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